SEASECS invites submissions for its annual Graduate Student Essay Prize competition. An award of $300 will be given for the best graduate student paper presented at the annual meeting of the society. Students currently enrolled in graduate programs (M.A. and PhD) and in all fields are invited to apply. All applicants must be or become members of SEASECS. Entries should be submitted as final versions of the paper, with complete citations and bibliographic information.

The deadline for this year's awards is January 15, 2019 by 5:00pm. Please send submissions as PDF files and address any other queries about the prize to the Committee Chair:

Bryan Rindfleisch
Marquette University  

2018 Winner: Katherine Calvin (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Touching Watelet: L'Art de peindre and the Performance of Philosophical Materialism."

2017 Winner: Mariah Gruner (Boston University), "Transformative Emulation: Construction and Display of the Mobile Schoolgirl Self and Sampler."

2016 Winner: David Vinson (Auburn University), “The Extraordinary Afterlife of Major John André, the ‘Common Spy.’”

2015 Winner: Michael M. Wagoner (Florida State University), “The Merry Tragedy of Henry VII as written by Charles Macklin, Comedian.”

2014 Winner: Janet Min Lee (Columbia University), "'Her eyes sparkled on him': Allegorical Physiognomy in Henry Fielding's Jonathan Wild."

2012 Co-Winner: Clayton Tarr (University of Georgia) for “Framing the Gothic: Ann Radcliffe and Narrative Boundaries.”

2012 Co-Winner: Shelby Johnson (University of Tennessee), “Reclaiming History’s Terra Incognita: Frances Burney, The Wanderer, and Race.”