NPEC: Volume 12, Number 1, Spring 2015

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface: Samia I. Spencer


Heather McPherson: Siddons Redux: Twilight and Afterlife of a Star

Catherine Montfort: Madame De La Tour Du Pin: An Aristocratic Farmer in America

Jeffrey Merrick: Imperial History and Sexual Identity in Eighteenth-Century Encyclopedia Articles About Florida

Ruth P. Thomas: Father Knows Best? Paternal Figures and their Daughters in Eighteenth-Century French Novels by Women

review essays

Carol L. White: Legal Reforms and Theological Adaptations: Geneva's Path Through the Eighteenth Century

Annette Chapman-Adisho: Catholicism at the Crossroads of Enlightenment and Revolution

Kathleen Hardesty Doig: Further Documentation on the Encylopedie Methodique

book reviews

J. Mark Blackwell, Ruth P. Thomas, Stephen A. Raynie, Jeffrey Merrick, Nancy B. DuPree, Samia I. Spencer, Melody Knight Pritchard, Felicia B. Sturzer, Matthew W. Turner, Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, Kellye Corcoran, David Eick, Staci Poston Conner, Ivy Dyckman, Christopher Mark Kennedy, Patrick Coleman, Martha F. Bowden, Christopher Allan Black, Nancy Zaice